At Hanika, we only have one thing in mind – to protect what you love.

You have invested a lot in purchasing your handbags, now it is our turn to help you preserve their ‘newness’ !

We are a team of passionate hobbyist in Singapore who offer custom-made  products that would perfectly suit your handbag, no matter what the brand is, no matter what the size is.

A Pillow In A Bag

Bagpillows – yes, that’s how we call them! More popular as ‘bag shapers’, our products are made to maintain the correct shape of handbags.

Made With High Quality Materials

The Stuffing: Imported from Australia, we are using resilient polyester fiber filling which is non-allergic and does not moist.

 The Pillowcase: We are using satin silk – a very smooth fabric which will never damage your bag no matter how many times you put it in and out.

Custom-Made Just For You

With hundreds of brands and handbag models, it is very difficult to find a bag shaper that would seamlessly fit with yours – especially if your handbag is a newly launched model.

Our Promise

The bag shaper’s size will be based on the dimensions of your handbag – YES, BASED ON YOUR VERY OWN HANDBAG. Because each bag shaper pillow is custom-made, you can be 100% SURE that it will fit in your bag perfectly.


“Luxury handbags are made of quality leather, suede and other materials and they must be kept ‘stuffed’ to maintain their shape. If left unfilled, leather will collapse onto itself, crinkle and fold in areas and eventually fall apart.”

Ready To Order?

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