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Bag Shapers

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Love your bag? Then you will love our products!Bag Shaper Pillows

Keep your handbag wrinkle-free with our pillow insert!

How our Bag Shaper Works

Bag Shaper Singapore

Because each bag shaper (bagpillow) is custom-made, YOU CAN BE 100% SURE that it will fit in your bag perfectly.
This is our promise.

Compatible with ALL Handbags

Bag Shaper Sizes

Our bag shapers are available in Gold, Pink, and Black. From base to top, we got your bag filled.

Why use our bag shaper?

When you are not using your bag, you would keep but before doing so, you will probably insert paper (like newspaper and magazine), plastic, or old clothing to ‘stuff’ it. However, doing this may damage your bag in the long run. Eventually, the paper will corrode with age. Plastic may contain harmful chemicals while clothing may contain dye which may stick in your bag and will permanently discolour, stain, or damage its interior.

This is why it is not always a good idea to insert papers, plastic, or just any clothing when storing your bag to keep it in shape.


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